Once a company has set their marketing budget they need to begin to build their marketing portfolio. The portfolio is going to contain the planning and the strategies for individual marketing campaigns. There needs to be leadership for the marketing of a company to work properly. This means that there must be some focus put on marketing management.

What Is Marketing Management?

The individuals that take on the marketing management task must possess leadership qualities. The task for these individuals is comprised of different components.


One of tКартинки по запросу planninghe major tasks for the marketing manager is to plan the different campaigns that are needed to market the business. The planning may include product development. Then following this will be the advertising and promotion of what has been developed.

Marketing Management and Sales

The sales department will have its own management team but the marketing managers must work closely with this group as well. They need to be able to synchronize their efforts to reach the end goal which in most cases is to close a sale.


Marketing managers will have a group of individuals that perform the marketing strategies. It is up to marketing management to make sure that their marketing team can carry out their duties in an effective manner. Leadership does not mean dictating but it means setting an example. It also means making sure that the marketing team has all the tools and resources needed to carry out successful marketing campaigns.

Marketing Management Effectiveness

While the marketing team is expected to carry out the different segments of the marketing tactics management is responsible for its success. Management must develop marketing concepts that are able to remain within the budget. Management is also going to be responsible for the follow-up of any marketing campaign. This means being able to utilize proper analytical skills.